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  On April 3rd, the Westerly Town Council will discuss the idea ot a 180 day moratorium on new quarries or reopening quarries in Westerly.  At present the proposed extraction ordinance(s) in Westelry are inching along.  If you have anything to say from living near a quarry in full operation, Monday is the time to show up.  The meeting is at 6:00 PM.

  At present, there are quite a few quarries under question here.  From the Westerly Sun, Dale Faulkner  (March 4, 2017) '...One of the maps, labeled North Quarries, depicts the former John Macomber Quarry, which was also known as Hunter Quarry and Smalley Quarry in the area of Hunter Terrace. The same map shows the old Chapman Quarry and the Smith Granite Quarry, also known as New England Quarry, both off of Old Hopkinton Road. Batterson Quarry, near Batterson Avenue, is shown on one of the maps. A map labeled Quarry Hill shows six old quarry holes between Granite Street and Ledward Avenue. The list also includes the former Newall and Crumb quarries in Bradford."$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYuzRVk3$G5U

The Saga Continues.

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   It takes an anniversary like 9-11 to make me sit and ponder what is still wrong in the world.   It takes this infamous anniversary to realize it has been six years we have been fighting on a local level and living in a funk over trying to keep ourselves from being poisoned and sustaining damage.  Those in our group who remain are stalwart in persuing justice for being wronged of the pursuit of happiness and liberty on our property.  

 I cannot believe it was April that was the last time I reported anything of news to this blog.   A story about  Westerly creating ordinances on excavation was suppose to happen.  It is now September and still not an ordinance or a flicker of one in place. Last Spring Louis Sposato of the Westerly town council blurted out that perhaps the town should buy the quarry.  That is the open door our group needed.  Last winter Paula Ruisi and myself were at the State House to testify before a committee to have a Bill allowing  towns to create ordinances to controll quarrying and excavation.  Charlestown was sponsoring this but Westerly wanted none of it.  While we waited, Paula and I saw Senator Dennis Algiiere and he stated that we had to get the Westerly Town Council to bring up th eidea of buying the quarry publicly at a meeting and he would help find the money to purchase it with state funds.

Last August we were treated to a workshop or a dog and pony show  if you will, under the guise of being talks about the town of Westerly or the state buying the quarry from the Comolli family.  Instead we watched as the DEM Compliance director, David Chopy  narrated a slide show complete with higher than ground level views of the piles at the quarry that Cherenzia Excavation is under DEM conrat to "wash".  The piles look much shorter in the photos with that view.  Wild flowers were featured near the ponds on the site that were being used to water and wash the piles.  Lawyer Tom Liguori gave facts and figures on the pile removal and water levels  reported once a week and later twice a day of the quarry ponds during our recent drought.   The entire presentaion reminded me of those Ciba-Geigy chemical company published films we had to watch in high school telling us lhow living with modern chemistry is great.   Ciba Geigy is now sold off to other companies, but not until after Toms River, NJ became a superfund clean up site and they caused more Hell in Africa by releasing an analgesic that caused beople to lose flesh.  Does anyone wonder why we are leery of presentations such as these?  Especially a workshop such as this where no citizens comments were allowed.   On the upside, a tour of the quarry was scheduled thanks to Charlestown Town Council President Tom Gentz insistance.  Citizens were not allowed to attend, however, the press was invited.

   During this past summer we have witnessed a renewed sense of urgency by the police at the quarry because uniformed swimmers are trespassing onto quarry property to take a dip.  Before the quarry reopened, I can remember the police not really caring about the cars parked along Peckham Hollow and along some stretches of Rte. 216.  

  Another scare in the neighborhood occured when our neighbor Neil Willliamson made it public that his well water dropped 70 feet.  What kind of jolt to the aquifer caused that I wonder?  

   Our group had to endure the fact that the litigants we so earnestly stood behind and fought for, found it necessary to settle with the town and the quarry.  One local lawyer  stated in their defense that they were worn down.  

   Many of us still beleive it is a cause we have to stay with.  it concerns our homes, health and integrity of the neighborhood.  There is still so much more to reporton this.  Our unofficial motto was "You can't make this shit up".  And there is an awful lot of it.

Talk to y'all soon,

Tina Holden Shea



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   Make a point of attending the Westerly Town Council meeting Monday, April 18th at 7:00 pm.  The council is to let loose it's attempt a t regulating quarries in the area.  This ought to be good if you remember what happened when Charlestown attempted to control quarrying and excavating.  If you don't remember that is okay.  The end result was lawyers burning the clock crying foul and threatening lawsuits.  

   Representative Blake Fillippi took up our cause  and established a state law covering some of the issues with quarries, open strip mines, gravel banks and other earth moving entities.  Rep. Fillipi continues to add to this law to protect those of us living near these operations.  

   This comes around as an attempt to placate us and reassure us that they are doing all they can to  help us poor bastards in Bradford.  They could have done this during mediation by tossing the unConstitutional Consent Agreement back to the state Supreme Court and waited it out.    But no, "The Westerly Way" prevails. 

Again, 7:00 PM April 18th  Westerly Town Hall.   Bring your neighbors and friends.

Another Executive Session.

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  I have heard nothing about what happened at the last Executive Session dealing with whether the Town of Westerly will vacate the consent agreement or modify it or see what the State Supreme Court wants to do about it.  Tonight, February 29th is the third time the town will take a crack at it.  A reliable source has told me that it is a multi faceted, hot bed of issues.  

 The town of Westerly firmly believes it can come up with its own ordinances dealing with quarrying.  Charlestown attempted this very same thing and it did not go very well.   From a poorly written set of ordinances to make quarry owners and gravel bank operators repair used sites, create buffers with neighbors, control the heights of piles that can go airborne and other responsible business practices, the quarry owners and gravel bank people showed up armed to the teeth with lawyers who basically ran the meeting.  Their argumenrt was that only the state can regulate them.  After a  quick ordinance rewrite , another meeting and still no approval.  A few Charlestown council members gave it a thumbs down.  Fast forward to Blake Filippi running for State Representative as an Independent candidate in our district.  He ran with it.  Rep. Filippi helped us by drawing up a bill that allowed the state to demand dust piles be regulated which is one thing we wanted in an ordinance.  Now a Bill is underway to allow towns ( Westerly and Middletown the ability to create ordinances to  control quarrying in the area.

  Tonight, one of own, Al James is going to address the Westerly Town Council during Citizens Comments.  If you have time this evening, please lend your support.   I will keep you all posted on developments as they happen.

Tina Shea

ZBR Continuance.

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   It has been a busy week at the Town Hall.  We have Robert Lombardo to thank for perking us up by shaking up the crust of crony complacency.  Not all of the new and improved town council are the guardians of  "The Westerly Way".  Robert has a way of not mincing words when it comes to things done very wrong or with a wink of an eye, a nod and a backroom pat on the back.    Last week was no exception.  He called George Comolli a probable liar, and brought up a disbarrment a contract from Mary Lucey that states no excavation, just moving rocks on the surface of the property  turned over to Westerly Granite.  Oh, and let's not forget that the Essex insurance is suing Comolli in Federal Court because his policy does not cover  excavation, blasting, quarrying...Just covers open space.   Then there was mention of  a Finance Director with a GED when the town clearly asks for a degree.

   We still are urging the town council to not modify or even attemto to modify the Consent Agreement.  We definitely do not want Cherenzia's lawyer sitting in on the modification if it should come to that.  Now we hear it is going to be a mediation event with retired Judge Williams overseeing.  Mediation begins Tuesday February 9th.

    Tonight we met at he ZoningBoard of review to  hear abou the Appeal listed under the Dubois' and Balbatt's names.  It took seconds for  Mark Doescher to call for a continuance because "We are not ready."  Bang went the gavel.  Charles Marsh brough a tank of coffee. The coffee would have been great During Monday's meeting when Patricia Douglas Harangued the counsil for not reigning in Robert Lombardo rant the week before.  Let us call this The Patricia Douglas hour. How long does it take to make up violent scenarios about Robert Lombardo? Sweet mother of Shatner will this woman cut the drama about herself and an argument from last year!

   Testimonies at the State House this week  hopefully convinced the committee to approve a new Boill to allow towns to create ordinances on regulating quarries and excavating.  Another Bill on blasting  will be introduced next. Date TBA.

   More to come next week.


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   Apologies if this is last minute, today at the state house a bill  H 7216 is going to the House Municipal Government of the General assempbly to allow towns to create ordinance pertaining to quarrying and excavating operations.  The passing of this will be an added set of teeth  to the last Bill that control it within the state    ..


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   We need to send a clear message to the members of the Westerly Town Council not to sully their hands with any modification attempt to the Consent Order with Cherenzia and their lawyer Liguori sitting in on which is nothing short of a conflict of interest.  We need to urge them to send this optionback to the State Supreme Court.

   I made a few calls last night.  If you prefer to email the Council, here is a list to use that also has the town managers number:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]



 As of this morning I am just off the phone with DEM Compliance Director David Chopy about my concerns with the noise I was hearing over the past two weeks emanating from the quarry and my experiencing airborne particles hitting me in the face and eyes. I was concerned that the piles were being disturbed and moved for washing off site since I have seen trucks full of material (covered) coming from the direction of the quarry. It was suggested by Chopy that the beeping I was hearing and loading of trucks may be the quarry operators digging the washing ponds to be used in April thru June. I asked if a fugitive dust test can be done. My "complaint" is on file. I also asked that fugitive dust testing be done when the piles are disturbed and washed on site.

In other news, two council members have returned my calls, Councilmen Sposato and Celico. They were both courteous and attentive to hearing my opinions and fears of any modifications being done to the consent order by this council. Keep calling folks. Wednesday Nights executive session is going to be about this.

New Year, No Real Results Yet.

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   Some may be wondering why things have been silent on this end for a bit.  As I, the author work a full theater schedule, things tend to take a backseat due to twelve hour work weeks.  In my absence little has been said here.  Our Facebook page of the same name has had more dialogue going on through and after the holiday season.  We have been waiting for a real word on the goings on on different aspects of the Copar/ Armetta Debacle.   As of late their has been some activity:

-  The Westerly Town Council is looking to create an ordinance to regulate quarrying in Westerly via work shops with open discussion from quarry neighbors and quarry operators.

-  The Westerly Town Council is presently looking towards opening up discussion that will lead to vacating the infamous Consent Order brought on that allows ONE quarry in our Bradford vicinity to do as it pleases without any repurcussions from violations brought on by the town.

-  It appears someone is filling trucks at the former Copar/Armetta quarry operations.  Unmarked trucks are taking product out of the facility.  Audible filling of trucks and constant beeping of trucks in reverse can be heard throughout the neighborhood again.  Cherenzia has been hired by Westerly Granite Company to water the large illegal dust piles.  This sounds like more than watering.  Some neighbors are also experiencing fugitive dust again,  Please call RI DEM if you experience fugitive sparkly dust on your decks and window sills. 401 222 1360 Ext. 7400.

-RI State Representative Blake Filippi stands by his word that he will help to eliminate the unConstitutional Consent Order the former Westerly Town council agreed with.  

   Things are a bit up in the air here on the Westerly/Charlestown front but there is still interest and encouragement if anyone would like to become actively involved.   What better way to liven up the winter duldrums but to stick it to bad situations?

Westerly Concerned Citizens  Facebook


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There is to be a chance to discuss and workshop an Extraction Ordinance with the Westerly Town Council this coming Monday the 26th of October.  How this will differ from the state Bill that recently passed ( H-5680) is yet to be discussed.  Nonetheless here is your chance to participate.  

   Bear in mind that although the "Copar Debacle" is far from over, this is about all quarrying entities within the Westerly borders, not just the despicable interlopers but also the established few reputable companies.   In Westerly, The Comprehensive Plan is a vague idea of where neighborhoods and industry should coincide.  This is a good time to set boundaries where extraction and quarrying is concerned.

Monday, October 26th, 7:00 pm Westerlt Town Council Chambers.

Tina Holden Shea


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Denise Leavene Rhodes

13 hrs

There will be a Presentation on the new Extraction Company Dust Legislation at the Charlestown Town Council Meeting, tomorrow 9/14/15 at 7:00 PM. The Speakers will be State Representatives Robert L. Craven, Brian Patrick Kennedy, Blake A. Filippi, and Samuel A. Azzinaro, as well as, State Senators Dennis L. Algiere and Elaine J. Morgan. EVERYONE should try to attend in order to gain a better understanding of this new Law. Passage of this Legislation is the direct result of OUR VOICES finally being heard, our elected officials recognizing a serious health risk and working together to take immediate action which will protect ALL Rhode Island residents! Hope to see you all tomorrow!